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Colour As An Ode To Nature & Self-care Guide

Introducing reBynd’s family of colours — a sanctuary of warm, soothing feelings, a return to nature, a return to self. Which colour do you feel drawn to today? Therein lies a secret message from the part of you that’s calling for your attention, love and nourishing.

“Cloth woven from flax; Sanctuary.”

You open your eyes to a milky haze. It’s the sun of Sunday morning nudging you through diaphanous drapes. You stretch your legs long, warm skin on cool linen. It’s the feeling of luxury. Your hand longs for messages and agenda, friends and others. But no, you change your mind and decide to do nothing about everything. No thinking over the weekend.

“The planet on which we live; Home.”

To-do list: Be kind. Get grounded. Walk barefoot around the garden. Bring your own bag. Plant a seed. Let gratitude grow wherever you go.

“An unopened flower of a rose; Infinite potential.”

What a gift it is, to see beauty in the promise of new beginnings, to imagine everything it could be before it is. You’re called to romance Life and dance with her with all your heart. Love Life — and everything in it — and she’ll love you back a thousand times more.

“Very small sea creatures, or a rock-like aggregation of their bones forming reefs in warm seas; Nature’s imagination.”

You’re the dreamer and the architect, the magician and the scientist. If you can imagine it, you can build it. After all, everything that has ever been invented was once someone’s imagination. The magic you believe in requires no proof, for believing is seeing. Keep something Coral close and keep making magic.

"The region of the clouds; the upper atmosphere of the earth; Nature’s therapist.”

Note to busy minds: Take a well-deserved moment and get still. Pause to enjoy a deep, re-energising breath. Look up at a sky so blue and free, so at peace with everything changing in every moment. Whatever comes next, all is well.

“Concreted earthy/mineral matter, often used as building material; Solid foundation.”

In case you’ve been distracted, this is a reminder for you to nourish and take care of yourself. Before you can be a rock to others, be that for you.

“An aromatic plant one may burn as an incense or for its cleansing properties; a very wise person.”

Deep down, you already know. It’s impractical, holding on to the illusion of control. So you let it go, let it out the door. Now, space is made, you hang up a welcome sign for better things to come. They’re already on their way.

“A vast open space where a community of trees grow together and reach for the sky; Support system.”

Trees talk. You listen and take a leaf from Nature’s book: Stay close to people and things that feel like sunshine and nourish your growth. Feeling a connection to Forest could be your cue to get out of your shell and be with your chosen community.

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